BORDA Codes of Practice Events

BORDA members are issued with Industry Leading Codes of Practice for:

Event Control

  • CP9970 Health & Safety
  • CP9972 Environment

These are BORDA's guide lines on safety, supervision and environmental issues

Recreational & Corporate Events

  • CP9981 Off Road Driving Corporate Events
  • CP9986 Off Road Driving Days
  • CP9991 ATV Corporate Events

BORDA's non training events that are run for recreational & leisure purposes, they are not supported by any certificate of training or competence.

BORDA Part 1 Accreditation

Is the minimum requirement to supervise any of these events.

Training Events

  • CP9988 Off Road Driver Training
  • CP9993 ATV Training
  • CP99100 Vehicle Mounted Winch Training.
  • These are BORDA's recognised levels of training.

    Off Road Driver Training offers Basic, Standard and Higher levels. Delivered over half, full and 2 day sessions.

    ATV Quad Bike Training offers Basic, Standard & Higher Levels

    Vehicle Mounted Winch Training offers a comprehensive course delivered over half or full day depending on trainee numbers.

    BORDA Specialist Trainer (BST) is the minimum requirement to deliver BORDA training.

    Part 1 Accreditation is achieved by an assessment of Driving / Riding Skills & passing BORDA's Test of Knowledge.

    BST Accreditation is achieved by firstly achieving Part 1 Level then being assessed in Training Skills and a final re-assessment in Driving / Riding Skills.

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