2013 CoP Summaries

CP 9981 Off-Road Driving for Corporate & Recreational Events:

BORDA Standards for running a Corporate Event using 4x4 Off Road Vehicles

The objective is to provide an exciting and stimulating event under proper supervision

  • BORDA Corporate Events must be supervised by a BORDA accredited person (minimum Part 1 Supervisor)
  • Is the minimum control & training recommended by the Association for typical off-road driving Activities at Corporate & Recreational Events.
  • Requires continuous in-cab supervision from a BORDA Supervisor / Trainer in the front Passenger seat.
  • Assumes basic driving competence, encountering low risk obstacles.
  • Training on the Public Road, including unsurfaced Rights of Way, is specifically outside the scope of BORDA's Codes of Practice.
  • Routes must be appropriate to the vehicle and drivers competence and have run out areas sufficient to control and safely stop a runaway vehicle.